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March 25, 2009


Programming. Damn programming. I had it too, though not in the same way. Breast is healthiest, you hear it, you know it. Ike needs to be healthy, right? There you go. But. Calories are beautiful. Ounces are beautiful. TRULY. Go with the but and go w/ the bank and go w/ the weight. I sure hope everyone gets that soft spot to fall out on soon.

how about a breastmilkshake?

I so get the breastmilk hangup thing that you have. I remember, as if it were yesterday, when I was told my a nurse at the hospital that "breastfeeding isn't everything, you know" -- this after my baby girl had been diagnosed, shockingly with a severe seizure disorder after three normal months. I remember feeling that it was the last vestige of control that I had, I remember knowing this but I still couldn't let go. My baby was on steroids and I just couldn't keep up. It still rings in my ears and makes my heart ache -- but mainly, now, for myself, then. I understand, in other words -- and sorry for the long-windedness.

If the insurance is too unfriendly about milkbank milk, there's the yahoo group Milkshare. I know there's a number of Austin women on there.

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