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January 12, 2014


Fun Paint Fact #1:

Greek philosopher PLATO is credited with the discovery that you can mix 2 paint colors to produce a third paint color; which is why today, we mix together 2 colors to get a third color of PLAYDOE.

Fun Paint Fact #2 (for those of you who would rather watch paint dry than the Golden Globes):

The 1st interior painting was done 40,000 yrs ago in France by cave dwellers. The painting was of a wife berating her husband's "merde" invention called the wheel. Yes, men, this has been going on for 40,000 yrs.

Fun Paint Fact #3:

Native American Indian tribes used black paint to signify life, yellow paint to signify death, and brown paint to signify poop.

Fun Paint Fact #4:

It took Michelangelo only 4 years to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the 1500s, but it took 20 years to restore it in the late 1900s because Michelangelo made lots of mistakes.

Fun Paint Fact #5:

Red paint helps people regain vigor; green paint helps people relieve stress; and black paint helps people carjack, rob, and loot.

Fun Paint Fact #6:

Premium paint brushes from the mink family can only be made after an especially long, cold winter. Premium paint brushes will no longer be produced, thanks to global warming.

Fun Paint Fact #7:

In the United States, lead-based residential paints were not banned until 1978, which is why our current elected officials in Washington DC are so fucked up.

Fun Paint Fact #8:

About 10% of all paint sold in the US is eventually thrown out because no high is achieved from sniffing it.

Fun Paint Fact #9:

The Golden Gate bridge paint color is officially called International Orange as a tribute to all of the Asians who died originally painting the bridge.

Fun Paint Fact #10:

The White House was originally painted white in the early 1800s because, at the time, no one ever thought that a black man would be elected to live there.

Thank you and goodnight.

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